The Program

When does our season start?
Our Winter season starts the first week in November and will continue until the beginning of March. Our Spring season starts at the beginning of March and will go on until the middle of June.

When will the schedule be available?
Our league schedule is usually available around the middle to the end of December.

When do we receive our apparel?
Once our registration is near completion, we will obtain your child’s sizes and place an order. Our goal is to receive apparel before our first league tournament in January. The apparel delivery timeline depends on the supply and turnaround of the vendor.

When will we receive our singlet?
This depends on what sizes are available in stock; however, your child should receive their uniform before competing in his first match. To reduce costs to parents, our program loans uniforms to wrestlers to compete in for the season. At the conclusion of the season, all uniforms must be returned to the program. The full cost of the uniform will be charged to anyone who fails to return it at the conclusion of the season.

How much does it cost to register?
Registration costs $175 for 4 Yr. Old – 2nd Grade and $275 for 3rd – 8th grade.

When do I need to register?
Registration opens in October. You should register your child once you are sure that your child is committed to wrestling for the season.

Do you use Prince George’s County Boys and Girls Club “yellow cards”?
No, we do not use the yellow cards that the Prince Georges County Boys and Girls Club uses. Each child must obtain a USA Wrestling membership which costs between $20 (Beginner) – $60 (Advanced).

How do I obtain a USA Wrestling Card for my child?
You can purchase a USA Wrestling Card from here.

How many days do we practice?
During the Winter Season, our program practices three days a week. Spring is TBD.

Grades Day Time
K4 – 2nd Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 6:00 – 6:45 PM
3rd – 8th Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7:00 – 8:30 PM

K4 – 2nd grade primarily participate in practice and will have a limited number of live wrestling matches each season. Our focus is on your child having FUN while participating in games and activities, engaging in daily agility, balance, and coordination drills, learning wrestling rules and basic techniques, and respecting opponents, coaches & officials.

3rd – 8th participate in practices, league, and non-league tournaments. We introduce wrestling-specific strategies, help your child learn to focus through a full practice and increase levels of competition.

What will be needed by the first day of practice?
Wrestlers must have an active USA Wrestling Membership, and it helps to have their wrestling shoes; if you don’t have their shoes in time for the first practice, they can wear clean socks. We will be on a wrestling mat where outside shoes are not allowed.

Are parents invited to stay for the whole practice time?
Our practice room is not big enough to accommodate a lot of wrestlers and their parents. However, we understand parents’ interest in watching their children practice and enjoy the experience along with their children. For the first couple of practices, we will likely allow new parents to sit in the room and observe practices; however, after a few practices, parents will need to wait in the hallway or in their vehicles. Plus, it’s usually hot and stinky in the room, so you will likely not want to stay there too long. 😬

This is the first year my kids are participating in a sport, and I don’t really have much experience with what to expect.
Try not to worry; you are working with a coaching staff with over 50 combined years of experience; we will do our best to walk you through it step-by-step.

Is fundraising required?
Yes, each family must participate in fundraising. We will provide each family with an option of selling the fundraising item or a monetary contribution. In past seasons our fundraisers have been highly successful and straightforward to do.


What are the fees associated with the program?
Sports Fee: $175 – $275 per child (uniform rental fee is included). Uniforms are borrowed and returned to the wrestling team at the end of each season.
USA Wrestling Card: $20 – $60 (cost dependent on parent selection of membership tier)
Shoes: $40 – $100
Headgear: $30 – $40
Mouthpiece (optional): ~$15, Athletic Supporter (optional): ~$30

Are discount opportunities available?
No discounts are available at this time.

Do I have to pay to participate in tournaments?
The sports registration fee covers the cost of our league tournaments. You must pay to participate in non-league tournaments. Each season we usually participate in 3 – 4 non-league tournaments. Cost ranges from $25 – $40 per non-league tournament.

My family is new to wrestling, can my child come out to a few practices before registering?
Your child may participate in up to three consecutive practices before paying the sports registration fee. Send an email to [email protected] to inquire about this option.

What does the sports registration fee cover?
The following is a list of many, but not all, of the costs the sports registration fee goes toward:
-League entry fee our team must pay to participate in the league(s) our kids wrestle in.
-Facility use and cleaning fees charged to our program for using the facility.
-Marlboro Boys and Girls Club General Fund fees which are used for acquiring and maintaining some sports equipment; startup costs for new sports; and other costs associated with operating the boys and girls club.
-Club membership fees for USA Wrestling and club liability insurance(s).
-Wrestling equipment (i.e., mats, ropes, etc.), cleaning products, and other items needed for the wrestling program to operate.
-Team uniforms (singlets) the kids wrestle in. Uniforms are borrowed and returned to the wrestling team at the end of each season.

Apparel and Equipment

Where can I purchase wrestling equipment (shoes, headgear, etc.)
Shoes and headgear are usually available at Dicks Sporting Goods (Crofton and Waldorf are probably closest). Additionally, numerous online vendors supply wrestling equipment. For informational purposes, the following is a list of some online vendors.

Do we offer apparel for parents, t-shirts, bags, etc., and when is money due?
Yes, we will offer Fan Apparel: t-shirts, hoodies, etc. Prices are TBD. We should know the prices by the first week in December.

Wrestling Etiquette

Can my child wear his wrestling shoes while in the car?
No, wrestling shoes are only worn while on the wrestling mat; they should not be worn outside unless they have protective sole covers.

Does my child need to wear a mouthpiece or athletic supporter (cup)?
Mouthpieces and athletic supporters are optional. However, some children find them to cause discomfort while wrestling. The decision to use/wear these items shall be made between the parent and the wrestler.

Can my son wear athletic glasses while wrestling?
We have to get clarification from the referees on this question. Some referees allow it, while others don’t. We will try to have an answer before our first tournament.

My child has long hair; what do I need to do about it?
Your child will be required to wrap his hair using wrestling hair wrap, which integrates into his headgear. This item is available on various sport apparel websites.


How can I help?
First and foremost, please maintain a positive attitude toward your child’s sports participation. Please understand this is new for most kids, so there is a learning curve. Therefore, we need you to remain positive, encourage them to do their best and have fun, and support them even when they have not performed their best.

Do we accept parent volunteers?
Absolutely!!! For more information, contact our wrestling staff at [email protected]


Will my child wrestle with more experienced children?
There are some tournaments where your child will wrestle kids more experienced than him. However, experience by itself does not make a wrestler successful. The hard work and dedication of a child are what make him successful. We have seen numerous first-year wrestlers have a lot of success in our program.

Where are tournaments held?
Most league tournaments occur on Saturday or Sunday at various schools in the Southern Maryland area, including Anne Arundel, Prince George’s County, Charles County, St. Mary’s County, and Calvert County. In addition, some tournaments may take place in Virginia.

How are the children paired up?
In some novice (beginner) tournaments, children are paired based on age, weight, and experience. However, in our league tournaments, children are paired based on age, weight, and experience level (as best as possible).

Can my child participate in wrestling and another sport simultaneously during this season?
The short answer is NO. Although we have had children participate in both sports simultaneously, our experience has been that children that do this are not successful at wrestling and therefore do not have a good experience. In addition, the practices and tournaments/games will often conflict, and one of the teams will suffer due to your conflict. Therefore, before registering, we encourage parents to speak with their children and assist them in deciding which sport they will participate in during the winter season.

How long are the tournaments?
Tournaments usually last 2 – 4 hours.

How many times will my child wrestle at a tournament?
Your child will usually wrestle no more than four times in a tournament.

Will wrestling make my child aggressive?
Although a certain level of aggression is helpful in any competitive sport, wrestling does not make your child aggressive. Of course, some children are naturally more aggressive than others; however, all children have the chance to be successful in wrestling through hard work, dedication, and practice.