Parent Support

Non-profit youth organizations rely heavily on parent and community involvement. What we put into our children is what we will get out of them. The MBGC Wrestling Program is no exception to the rule. We need your assistance to support our wrestlers through a busy wrestling schedule, tournaments, fundraisers and most of all building them up! The success of the program is dependent on what we create together as a team.

Our Winter Season (2019 – 2020)

Practice runs from beginning of November to end of February. Practices will be held 3 – 4 days a week depending on your child’s age and experience level. Practice days and locations will be announced in October. Our league tournaments run from December through February.

Our Leagues / Team

All wrestlers compete against other wrestlers in the Capitol Area Wrestling League (CAWL). We also offer a travel team who wrestle in the CAWL as well as regional tournaments (i.e. Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, etc.).


All participants will be required to wear team issued uniform. Parents will have an option to rent a singlet for the season or purchase a singlet.


All families will be required to participate in a fundraiser effort during the season.


We are always in needed of additional coaches. Even if you can only volunteer one day a week. If you are interested in assisting, contact Commissioner Allen at or by phone at 240.479.4449

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